Now all the believers were together and held all things in common. Acts 2:44

Because being a Christian is not about a transactional relationship with Jesus. So it shouldn’t be one with the church.

We don’t “give and take”. We share!

This sharing involves monetary resources because of how our society is structured. We encourage sharing financially. It is important and necessary to keep ministry going. But giving financially is a starting point. Like in chapter 4 in the book of Acts, generosity is more of a lifestyle choice than a financial decision.

We hope you will give as you are able while building an increasing trust that God is able. We want you to share your finances because you are choosing to trust God… not simply because someone said you should.

Finally, never forget that there are SO many other ways to be generous! Ways we often overlook when we make generosity into a formula instead of a lifestyle. Be creative and adventurous in your generosity!

Your sister,

Pastor Monica Gary Sr.

*At this time we are only accepting financial gifts in person. We hope to see you at service! Please contact us if you would like to give some other way so that we can also bless one another in prayer and fellowship.